Allison Hunt


Allison Hunt has worked in advertising and marketing for over 25 years and she distills her career down to two key components: human insight and persuasion.

She runs HATCH Research Intelligence, a Toronto-based strategic market research agency with blue chip clients like TD, Cineplex, TED, CPA and GSK. Her work has covered a wide array of consumer, pharma/health care and business-to-business categories and taken her to all major markets in Canada and across the U.S.

Allison is known for her creative and innovative approaches to research that lead to new, untapped insights. Her charismatic interviewing style engages respondents (aka people) and ensures candor, honesty and a depth of intelligence that translates into smart, productive strategies.

Prior to working in research, Allison had a successful career in advertising, holding increasingly senior account management positions at top Canadian agencies including Harrod & Mirlin (now DraftFCB), Leo Burnett, Young & Rubicam, and TAXI Advertising & Design.

Allison believes that being the youngest of seven kids is the single biggest contributor to who she is. She learned to play well with others and she loves collaborating with the smart people at Agents of Necessity. 

Hub: Toronto

Qualitative Research