You may know
your customer
too well.

It’s one of the ironies of the B2B sector. Relationship management is the lifeblood of growth, but often your best customers don’t feel comfortable having an open conversation about unmet needs and challenges with their business. Those conversations will unlock growth, but how do trust your clients to an outside observer?

P2P Discovery™ – true peer conversations.

The reality is that many people in senior roles have no mentors or peers to talk to about their challenges. That’s why our P2P Discovery process is so effective. We hand pick our researchers to combine a rare skill set: excellent qualitative skills as well as very senior corporate or industrial experience.

We build each of our P2P Discovery sessions to your specific brief. Whether it’s understanding true competitive advantage, testing a new value proposition, or future-proofing your business, we craft a series of internal and external stakeholder interviews to get to insight – and action.

Bias to action:

Our number one deliverable is to answer your brief.

Our number two deliverable is to get to an insight that’s actionable within your organization – which is why we set up the project with care, to exceed expectations and build on your existing knowledge base.

Because these are in-depth conversations, the other invaluable asset we uncover is white space. Whether it’s a great idea you’ve never tried, or a brand new value proposition, or a talent within your own organization we listen for and identify unexpected opportunity.

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