That’s a great idea…
but will it work?

You know the feeling. You just delivered an idea that you know just might win the pitch. You can tell the clients really love it…but they’re not quite convinced. Pitches – creative or media – have become a balancing act between data-led decision-making and emotional factors. Agencies need a way to play a “harder” game with softer factors.

What if we could prove that customers would love it? Meet PitchProto™.

PitchProto is our hybrid strategy and research methodology to take ideas from insight to concept testing, providing hard “proof of concept” on real consumers.

Here’s how it works: PitchProto hand picks a group of consumers and takes them through the journey from insight development all the way to concept testing, through a variety of qualitative and immersive techniques.

What you get:

PitchProto ranges from 2 – 4 steps, depending on what you need:

1. Immersive Insight Groups: A small, very articulate group of consumers immerse themselves in the product to help you land on the insight that inspires the idea.

2. Tissue Session: Once you’ve developed preliminary concepts, we test them with the group as co-marketers to get to the one that’s strongest.

3. Final Concept Testing: The final idea with fleshed out details is tested, with an option to quantify consumer response.

Just as important as the techniques is the strategy team that runs this service – who are fully versed in the dynamic (sometimes fraught) dynamics of pitching.

We’d love to tell you more about it. Give Sarah a shout at ‭647 280 4262‬

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