You’ve just delivered your
best presentation ever.

The client just asked you a question. You’re halfway through your answer when you realize you haven’t answered the question at all. After the meeting, when you leave the room, you’re not sure how it really went. Where did that magical connection with the client go? How can you get it back?  

Empathy is the presenter’s
greatest asset.

So often we’re in a pitch session or a major presentation, and we’re so intent on delivery that we forget to listen, or worse yet, to read the room. We all know that chemistry is the most important thing to create in a live presentation – but if we neglect listening, observing, and adjusting, it literally is “one hand clapping”.

Our Resonate™ session combines great delivery techniques grounded in, first and foremost, understanding the room and the people that you’ll be presenting to.

In this session we’ll take
you and team through:

1. Prepping and on-the-day reading of personalities;

2. Delivery of your material and adjusting for surprises;

3. How to really answer a question;

4. Hands-on rehearsal and role-play.

This session is ideal for prepping for a major presentation, as well as bringing team presentation skills to a whole new level.

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