practical training
that lasts.

Improving your team’s skills is a critical task, but it slides down the list of priorities for two reasons: one, it’s hard to know which skill set is the most important to address, and two, training effectiveness is spotty at best.

We’ve been training strategic skills for over twenty years and here’s our secret to programs that work: be practical. Simply put:

We don’t launch and leave
We sweat the set up and the follow-up to ensure the program is working.

We’re big fans of a toolbox of techniques. They’re portable, easy and replicable.

Real work
We always train on real work, not cases. It’s the only way to ensure that training will be applied.

We build custom programs, like training your strategic planning framework or inspiring a team to think about digital first ideas. We also have training that addresses common challenges across marketing and advertising.


The Idea Suite

Whether it’s shaking up ideation habits or developing seriously lateral thinking, we have the session to suit your team.


Specifically developed for innovative companies in their early stages of growth, particularly in the adtech/martech sector, this session focuses on honing and delivering a pitch when there are multiple audiences to balance.


The most skilled presenters listen more than talk and know how to read the room. This presentation and role-playing session is designed to refine even the most seasoned presenter’s skills.