How many brainstorms have we been in, where we leave with a sense that we haven’t cracked the problem? Or worse yet, need a brainstorm but don’t have time?

The following sessions are designed to address both of those challenges – focusing on fast, portable techniques on one hand, or robust lateral thinking on the other.


Take the pain out of the brainstorm with this basket of techniques that get a team moving quickly to solutions. This is a hands-on session that works best with a live brief. This is ideal for consistent creativity across diverse or scattered teams and can be trained in less than 2 hours – easily one of our “stickiest” sessions.


When it comes to big ideas, creativity doesn’t usually happen in a brainstorm – it happens when you least expect it. This technique uses latent creativity and time to get to bigger, more challenging ideas in a disciplined format that taps the resources of diverse team members.


Consensus is overrated when it comes to truly lateral thinking. This session uses constraints to inspire controversy, strong points of view, and ultimately, game changing ideas. Think about this as a combination of a hackathon and “escape the room”.

Ideation is one of our favourite things to train – give Sarah a shout, and she’ll probably talk your ear off. ‬

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