We’ve developed a suite of tools to address every stage of the pitch process. In addition to these specific tools, techniques and sessions, we can also augment your team during a specific pitch, whether it’s leading innovation, insight, the overall strategy, IP development, and of course pitch management.

1. The Litmus Test™

Should you really pitch this client and what are your odds? This session provides a rational analysis for what is often an emotional decision – to help you decide whether to pitch. The filters are based on our combined experience with the core strengths of your own agency.

2. Chemistry 101™

The number one reason why clients EVER choose an agency is because the chemistry works. This toolbox focuses on how to build chemistry on your biggest bets – from a long-lead strategy all the way to up taking the pitch out of the pitch room.

3. Dear Client™

Once you’ve decided to pitch a business, don’t rush into work streams – answer the big questions: what can you bring the client that no one else can? This strategic session focuses your thoughts in the form of a manifesto/letter to the client, so that your mission and purpose is clear throughout the pitch.

4. Stitch and Pitch™

We’ve all been there – a stack of work streams, no cohesive story. This hands on, up on the wall work session literally stitches the story together into a script that plays to your agency and team strengths, and delivers a presentation that’s client-ready.

5. Block and Tackle™

You’re down to the wire - and now you need to get the team ready to perform. We refine the presentation on the spot, going beyond the traditional presentation coaching, customizing the story delivery to each individual team member’s style.

Got a pitch in mind? Want to do the spade work before the pitch is called? Natira would love to hear from you.

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