Technology in the ad sector, who really is your best customer?

You’ve got a killer product. You have investors. You now have the challenge of negotiating the slippery slope between wooing clients and making friends with the agency world. Do you have the right offer? Who on your team can sell it best? Who should they be pitching to, and what’s the right story? 

Trifecta™ – it’s our session to help you negotiate this tricky territory.

We’re so excited about opportunities in your sector because it combines all the elements that challenge our industry: value proposition, customer insight, innovation and training. This session does just that, balancing those elements between the three players – you, marketers and agencies – to achieve the best business pitch possible, what we call the Trifecta. 

What you get:

There are three stages to Trifecta:

1. Discovery: We get under the hood of the offer, your people, your potential customers and challenges.

2. Story: We craft your story with you – the right value proposition, the right target, that plays to your strengths and addresses barriers, so you get a better close rate.

3. Delivery: We’ll work with your team to ensure that how they pitch works with their strengths, and that they’re confident in their material.

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