Evolution of your business model is a must.

Every industry and category can be reinvented – we’ve seen it time and time again over the last few years. Marketers are increasingly pressured to think laterally, to revisit the core business proposition, to evolve and innovate. How do you know it’s the right direction?

Future proofing your value proposition.

Increasingly, effective business propositions are built around communications technology – call it a platform, or an app, or a medium. That’s why as a communications strategy agency, nearly all of our projects since inception have been about, at their core, evolving value propositions for brands who need to reinvent.

We’ve developed a system to find, validate, quantify and operationalize the right value proposition to bring your brand into the future. 

Here’s our topline process:

1. The insight that drives the benefit: It’s critical to go beyond customer benefit into core needs states to get to what will truly drive demand.

2. Validate and quantify: Is this the right core benefit and is it enough to drive demand for the brand?

3. Operationalize: What are the mandatories around the value proposition from a customer perspective? What supports the value prop right now, and what must change to realize the full benefit?

It’s a thorough, intensely rewarding process custom-built for every brand we work on, packed full of learning.

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