true insight that
you can act upon.

Insight, idea, implementation – great strategy should be simple. It’s not, and not just because our industry is data-rich and insight-poor. It’s because insights aren’t translated into real action that marketers can take, and that’s our difference.

Our solution is simple: join up senior communications strategy coupled with superb research skills to solve for big briefs. Here’s why we think that’s powerful:

The bigger brief
Each project is led by a senior strategist who digs into the brief to get to the real problem and aligns with senior stakeholder expectations.

Insight based on real data
Every project is informed by customer research, leaning heavily on qualitative to paint a more complete picture of the whole solution. Qualitative ensures we leave no ideas behind, particularly those that weren’t part of the brief, to get to the valuable white space every brand is seeking.

Actions that brands can act upon
Our team’s depth of experience means that recommendations don’t fall flat. They’re actionable and practical because of our ability to navigate large organizations and to cut through process.

Our insight services are of course customizable – but we also see common challenges and issues that confront marketers and agencies alike.

Following are three examples of our insight services.



New technology and trends are so exciting when you see them at CES or DMexco – but it’s challenging to have a practical plan to apply emerging opportunities to evolve your brand. This custom research product taps your most tech-savvy customers to project how best your brand can harness these trends in the near-term.  

P2P Discovery™

If you’re a B2B business with momentum, you understand the critical importance of relationship management – but often you don’t get a real read on the unsaid issues that are blocking opportunities with your clients. We use real peers – senior people, not researchers – to unlock growth for your business.


Ideas are the key to creating confidence and chemistry in a pitch – but often clients need a way to validate what their gut tells them. We take ideas from insight to concept testing, to change the dynamics of pitch decision making by providing hard “proof of concept” on real consumers.